Let's hear what Lisa's student say...

Karen Romine

"She makes every single person feel like an individual...everybody's important,

everybody's loved... I feel confident. I finally feel like I'm enough, I feel like I have the skills that I need to really help people, and like I'm ready."

Hai tan

"The journey with Lisa's class has been

absolutely incredible... I have a better

understanding of psychic and mediumship and actually even healing. She's such a great mentor."

Chris Pope

"I really have the confidence and attitude to go out there and really make a difference and help people see there's more to spirituality than just what they read in books... I never knew I had this gift, and Lisa was able to help me expand on that... and for that I'm forever grateful."

Lisa Noland-Shalosky

"If you do choose to become a master

teacher... you will not be disappointed... it will be the best choice that you could ever make for yourself."

Kerry Standfast

"It's the most rewarding course I've ever

attended... if you are interested in teaching, or you want to take your mediumship even further... then look no further than this course."

DeEtte Stewart

"Since I've completed my Master Teacher-

ship, not only have I always been working on myself (and I do it without fear), I also teach... ALL THE TIME."

What it's like to work with Lisa

The Psychic Medium Training Academy provides Credible Professional Education for individuals seeking a career in the spiritual industry.

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